Jekyll and Hyde slot game

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What do you think about the split personality slot games? Clinical option for psychiatrists is excluded. It remains only an interesting experiment, when the personality is split in two, forming a completely positive and negative disgusting person. Fantastic? While, yes, but you can meet with a similar option if you play online casino slot machines Jekyll and Hyde.

Interesting slot machine about the duality of the character of the hero

There was a professor, endowed with a big talent. One day he came up with the idea to create a special elixir that would be able to make a man more perfect: to develop hidden talents, to change the character, get rid of bad habits and so on. Hard work and a desire have helped bring this experience to a successful conclusion, but the results were not exactly those that were expected. As a guinea individual made himself a scientist, he drank his fantastic drug and received an incredible result — his identity was divided in two, and in the «new» part of it concentrated dark passions and vices.

Jekyll and Hyde slot machine with bonus

The wild symbol in this slot machine, as usual, helps to collect bonuses with paylines but the scatter symbol with threefold that appears on the screen starts 10 free spins where Dr Jekyll was turning into Mr. Hyde.

Free drug

This slot game is a good drug out of boredom, especially when you can play the Jekyll and Hyde slot machines for free on our website.