Retro Reels Extreme 777 fruit machine

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Have you not heard the sound of the blazing fire? Yes, you are a step away from it! The hottest of all Vegas slot machines — Retro Reels Extreme that you can play online right now!

The most popular 777 slot game

We are convinced that you have not yet met such blazing fiery passion online slots. Blazing by fire symbols drums at a breakneck pace will get a screen real fiery by an avalanche of bonuses, which at a rate of fire will rush to your game account, overcoming the limit.

Do not be afraid of a hint of retro in the slot name – it is a tribute to the very first gamers and a small nod in their direction from the developers, who used the symbols of the 40s for their offspring. In the rest — it’s an impressive modern fruit slot machine, ready to please all gambling without exception.

Unique features and «hot» 777 fruit function

Let us dwell on the exclusive features that are available in Vegas slot game, even if you play Retro Reels Extreme slot machine for free. The main thing is, of course, control option. You cannot just run, but also to stop all reels at any time, without relying on the program, and follow your intuition.

Free spins with a doubling rate will help in getting the bonuses. To run them it requires special icons, starting at the same time with the amount of 3 pieces on the screen.

First version: Retro Reels