Ghostbusters Slot Machine

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Ghostbusters were the heroes who fought various monsters. The original movie made a fortune all over the world. In addition, the movie also produced the existence of several spin-offs and it was implemented in the world culture.

No wonder IGT decided to release a Ghostbusters free slot machine. They managed to fit the whole franchise into one tiny online casino slot machine. The video game offers thirty paylines to thirsty players. If you need to spin a reel in this game, you would need at least fifty credits. If you want to activate at least one payline, you would need to wager twenty credits. Ghostbusters can also help you with three bonus games along with five progressive jackpots.
There are many icons in the game, but none of them can be compared to a slimmer. It is the main protagonist and character. It serves as an anchor. His main desire is to tease players with bonuses, credits and multipliers.

Marshmallow Guy also helps you get some bonuses throughout the slot machine game as he plays the role of a wild card. It is worth mentioning the background of this online slot machine game. Its spooky, eerie greenish background will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Ghostbusters. Although, should you forget your favorite Ghostbusters soundtrack? It gets louder and more intense when you start winning a free slot game. Ghostbusters is a game that gives you a feeling of nostalgia.

Nevertheless, Hollywood has made a remake of your favorite ghost catchers, but it is not perfect. The first movie was better and it managed to have a gross revenue of more than two hundred and forty million dollars, which can now be estimated as half a billion. IGT made the right choice by bringing the old memories into a new version of Ghostbusters slots.