Online game machine Lady In Red

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If you have chosen this casino slot machine, we can say that you have good taste. Play Lady In Red online slot machine for a little retro trip to the days of good taste, elite clubs and good music. Head over?

In the style of jazz

Lady In Red no download slot machine no registration move us precisely in such an institution for the elite, where every night on the stage stands the star — the mysterious Lady in Red. Bright and refined the singer appears in the spotlight, comes to the front with a microphone and begins to sing. People hold their breath because of the sound of her enchanting voice… But there is no time to doze off — you have to spin the reels.

Set of wild and scatter symbols in this slot machine will not only collect more coins from each spin, but also diversify the gameplay. In the role of a wild symbol of the game developers chose the logo, but the scatter symbol is a paparazzi camera lens. Among the icons of the game field he looks so strange, as if in life such a person leaked in such a club.

Special Casino Offer

For all visitors of the Internet casino we have a pass — to visit the elite club with live jazz music — to play the slots Lady In Red for free. This means that at any time you will have unlimited access to a slot machine running in the browser without filling in the forms and downloading the software.