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Scientists are confident we examine the surrounding parts of the universe, looking for sentient beings in the infinite space. You also lucky much more: you can meet with space aliens right now if you play online slot machines Galacticons.

Space Mystery slot game

Three brave friendly and cheerful Galacticons went for the scientific knowledge of space. Secrets of black holes and galaxies, study the history of the formation of new suns and confirmation of the hypothesis of the Big Bang — it’s in their ambitious plans. Big Kahuna similar free slot game to play free. The plans of the players should have just one thing — to follow the movements of the characters on the reels and together with them to witness the chance of the unexplored space discovery. In addition to transport, the developers have prepared a suitable and remote control in your hands.

Free slot machine Galacticons for all

For you, as a space tourist, the price for traveling galactic is ridiculous. In Galacticons slot machines you can at any time play for free, for it is only necessary to desire and no spending of the money, as well as filling out forms, downloading software, and e-mail spam.