Machu Picchu Slot machine with bonus rounds

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Some Secrets of civilizations history are carefully preserved, without giving their modern descendants a chance to solve them. Playing online slot machines Machu Picchu is about to touch one of these historical events, famous monument of the ancient Inca civilization.

Treasure of the Incas

Many centuries ago tribes inhabited the land, which is now called Peru, their cultural heritage still intrigues. High in the mountains, they built an amazing walled city, an architectural wonder that thousands of tourists admire even today. But in the XV century, the Spanish conquerors came to this land, they were able to capture the surrounding land, although they have not reached the town under heaven, there was no such need anymore: it turned out to be deserted — all the people have mysteriously disappeared.

Incasslot with bonus rounds online

Five Machu Picchu slot game reels will return you to the city life and revive the glorious leader Pachakutekai and the ancient cult of worship to lamas — a sacred animal. Among the images, there are tribal drums household items, and a portrait of the leader of a great Indian, as well as several bonus symbols, making a variety in the process of spinning the reels. The wild symbol is an image of Machu Picchu, it replaces the missing characters in the bonus combinations, complementing prize-multiplying factor. Lama-shaped scatter lumps your bets. 3 bonus symbols, being located on the odd drums, opened the round with free spins. A feature of this casino slot is the ability to accumulate free spins directly during rotation of the drums, and then the number plus the fact that the player receives by the slot game rules. This option is available when the portraits of the leader and the Indian are set on the same horizontal at the extreme right drums. Then miniport opens at the center of the ritual worship of the sacred Lama tribe, and the player is awarded one free spin.

Incas free slot machine with bonus features

We offer players a trip to Peru from home with only his device connected to the Internet. We have made it available to play in Machu Picchu slot machines for free. We do not require registration or filling out the forms or special software to run the slots, so extract free bonuses and expand your horizons.