Free Gold Factory Slots online

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Slots Gold Factory to play online — it is a ticket to a unique factory for the production of gold. If you want, you can walk there, but you can also take a train, sail in a submarine or fly in a plane. The main thing is to know where the factory is located, as we know — on this site. And it’s easy to travel through it — all you have to do is start the slot machine reels — and you’re already inside.

Gold everywhere — online slot game with bonus

The owner of the factory — a nice gentleman who is willing to give you a tour, showing you all the stages of gold production, mechanized gold filling plant, and much, much of the finished «product». We will generously share all this glittering wealth with the players, because the casino slot machine offers a variety of bonus programs, apart from the main action on the rotation of the drum.

The bonus coin with the profile of the factory director acts as a scatter in the slot game, it is paid on a roll on the screen for more than 2 pieces, and a trio of these coins starts the bonus program in several stages. First, the player gets to the boiler plant, which randomly selects a tank hidden among them, bonus points and way to the 2nd level and free spins.

Free Wealth

This is probably the only slot game where gold flows like water, filling not only the special containers but also the player’s account. But the most important thing is that this wealth can become the property of anyone — playing for free in Gold Factory slot machines online casinos is a huge advantage.

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